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Be Still

2 Pound Starter Kit (unscented)

2 Pound Starter Kit (unscented)

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Simplicity Meets Elegance


  • Signature (non scented) Pearled Wax: With this kit you will receive 2 lbs of our exquisite pearled wax, the heart of the Be Still experience. 
  • Packaged in our Glass storage container(as shown in picture), your wax pearls are not only protected but also presented with a touch of sophistication.
  • 10 cotton wicks. 
  • 1 scoop for even easier wax pouring.

Craft Your Calm

  • Freedom to Create: Pour as much or as little as you desire into any vessel of your choice. With the freedom to fill, you can tailor your candle's intensity to your mood. Our pearled wax truly is a one size fits all! Say goodbye to buying different sized and shaped candles. 
  • Instant Ambiance: Insert the included wicks into your arranged wax pearls as you wish, light them, and bask in the glow of your creation. It's an instant uplift to any space or setting.

Pure and Proud

  • Toxic-Free Tranquility: Our wax is proudly free from harmful toxic fragrances, ensuring that your moments of stillness are as pure as they are peaceful. Our vegetable based wax is FREE FROM PARAFFIN.

The Be Still Candle 2 Pound Starter Kit is not just a product; it's a practice. A practice of pausing, crafting, and delighting in the stillness that each flickering flame brings.

Embrace the stillness. Embrace the light. Be Still.

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